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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Small clarification

Hi everyone!

I want to clarify that the information on this blog is from the NEW building committee and about them only. The old committee was dissolved after the last proposal didn't even go to referendum. The NEW building committee started just last month (May) and has only had two meetings so far. They plan to have many more over the summer, so if you can't make the one on the 29th - then I will find out the date of the next one and hopefully you can come then.

So - new building committee. Who's charge is to find a less amount of money to present to the Selectman in October.

I am only thinking about the children and the safety of this building. I would not be a good parent if I thought that parts of the existing building were safe. This is definitely not just about "F" - it is about all the children. She just happens to have a specific need that caused me to delve into the building information more. And so far, I have not really liked what I have heard.

As I obtain more facts about the last building plans and the new building plans, I will continue to pass them on. So stay tuned!!

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