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Monday, June 21, 2010

First Selectman

Good morning all! I had a chance to speak to our first selectman, Kevin Lyden this morning. He was in favor of parents/town members being able to make comments at the building committee meetings. He did not realize that it was not allowed up until this point.

Mr. Lyden spoke to Mr. Asafaylo and Mr. Burr and asked them to please allow a public comment section in their meetings. It would be for 10 minutes at the end of their session.

So - this is where I encourage you to become active! Come to the building committee meeting on June 29th at 7pm at the TOWN LIBRARY. Our ability to speak is going to be brief, so if you have lengthy questions, we may need to ask Mr. Asafaylo and Mr. Burr if we can talk to them at another point.

Mr. Lyden said he also available to talk with at any time. So we may be able to set up a time to talk to him about the town.

Mr. Lyden did clarify that there is one member of the building committee that has children in the building. John Bernier - who was not at the last meeting. I would be anxious to have his take on all of this. While his children are in middle school at the present time, they have been at Salem School since they were in Kindergarten, so he should be able to speak about his feelings about the building.

Mr. Lyden also expressed that he has talked with the president of the BOE and with Donna Leake about how the building might have to be done in phases. He doesn't not think that if we don't get everything we want now, it can't be done later.

I can't say I completely agree with that. Only because - as some have expressed - if you put on a new room and new windows, the chances are very slim that they will change the classrooms because they just did the room and windows. I think that is a very valid point.

So - come to the meeting!! And definitely come to the parent meeting on June 30th.

And read the post below this one about the first building committee meeting I attended if you haven't already done so. Please feel free to leave me comments so that I know you were here, and what you think. You can post anonymously! That is fine!

Keep checking back - we will be posting updates as often as possible.

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